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With over 130 trendy shops, boutiques and restaurants, Marda Loop is a walkable, street-level shopping & dining district in Southwest Calgary.

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11 AM - 3 PM

Easter is coming to Marda Loop! Participating businesses have hidden chocolate eggs throughout their locations.

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403 984 3348

Springbank Cheese offers a complete line of quality cheese, as well as a variety of other types of food and drinks. They provide friendly service and love to offer their expert advice and help to customers.


Marda Loop Stories

We are sitting down with local business owners to discover the stories behind their businesses, who they are, and what they have to offer the Marda Loop community.



Optimum Dentistry

We met up with Dr. James Trofimuk to hear the story behind his business and to learn how Optimum Dentistry puts their patients first.

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Professional Skate Service

We sat down with Melissa Esler, the co-owner of Professional Skate Service to discuss the history of their company, along with what makes them unique to work with.

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Pips Board Game Cafe

We got together with Shea Ashbee, a co-owner of Pips Board Game Cafe, to discuss how their business began and what makes them unique.

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Marda Loop Family Chiropractic

We sat down with Dr. Colin Henderson to hear the story behind his passion for being a chiropractor, and what the two main focuses are at Marda Loop Family Chiropractic.

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Springbank Cheese Co

We met up with Shawn McDonald, the owner of Springbank Cheese Co in Marda Loop, to hear the story behind his business.

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Global Pet Foods

We sat down with Megan Stoddart, the owner of Global Pet Foods Marda Loop, to hear the story behind her business and what they have to offer the Marda Loop community.

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Derma Vital

Derma Vital is a medical aesthetic spa located in Marda Loop. This unique business started in Priddis, Alberta in the year 2000. Owner, Neli Hristova, immigrated from Bulgaria in 1999 with the dream of taking her education and starting her own business in Canada. Her passion for people sparked the desire to specialize in helping and encouraging people to look and feel their best, no matter what their age. Eight years ago, Neli decided to make the move from Priddis to Marda Loop. It wasn’t long before Neli fell in love with this location and she continues to be amazed at the development and growth of the area. After 15 years of successful business, Neli’s passion for people has not wavered. She states, “The most enjoyable thing about running this business is seeing the smile on a person’s face when they witness the results of our services”. Derma Vital is passionate to give people the lives they have always desired.

Derma Vital takes great joy in providing services to men, women, and children of all ages. Medical aesthetics continue to develop and flourish as people become more educated on, and aware of, the effective results. Derma Vital offers the most up to date treatments and top-modern technology in the field of advanced medical aesthetics. In fact, Derma Vital is the only medical aesthetic spa in Alberta that houses an Oxygen/Hyperbaric Chamber. Since our brains live on oxygen, and blood circulation delivers oxygen to the brain so it can function, this treatment is extremely beneficial to one’s body and energy. The Hyperbaric Chamber treatment increases the fluids between the joints in order to rejuvenate everything internally. Athletes, politicians, and individuals with aches and pains all utilize this treatment and find the results to be incredible.

Take advantage of the opportunity to feel and look your best. We encourage you to explore what Derma Vital has to offer. For further information please visit their website at http://www.dermavital.ca/. They look forward to meeting you.

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Tres Marias

On August 14, 2015, we sat down with Aurora Orozco, the co-owner of Tres Marias in Marda Loop, to discover the story behind her business and what they have to offer the Marda Loop community.

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